The article title would go here. We can do subscript and superscript formats and can include many special characters. Please include a "title.txt" document with the title pre-formatted in html format for automated creation of the webpage.

Click me! I'm where the hyperlink for the doi would be. Please include a file "doi.txt" with the doi for the dataset without the leading "" (e.g. 10.34863/6d5f-aj24 instead of This is optional, but a good idea to include.
Your names would go here. For the sake of simplicity, they will be in the order and format listed on the paper. Please include an "authors.txt" document with a comma separated list of the authors for automated creation of the webpage.
You may include institutions, but DO NOT have more than one line in the file. Only the first line of the file will be read, so include any new line characters in html format.

The description or abstract would go here. It will be copied and pasted, and can include superscript and subscript format as well any scientific symbols available in html code. Please include an "abstract.txt" document with the abstract pre-formatted in html format for automated creation of the webpage. For help on this formatting, look at the second note for the "names.txt" file

We allow you to pick what the headers and item names in the table will be by following a set format:
1. The 3 column span names will be the names of each folder you submit.
2. Any subfolders present will be zipped and labeled as a zipped folder. You can pre-zip the subfolders if you want.
3. You can include a file in the folders with the exact name "names.txt" which should be comma separated and have the name you want to include in the "Item" column, followed by the name of the file (which will also be in the "File" column). An example is included below. If you opt to not include "names.txt" in a folder, the names will be chosen based on the data steward's best judgement. Please refrain from including "," and "." in file names if at all possible and DO NOT include "," preceded or followed by a space. Doing these may make the table generation fail or cause it to be wrong.
Failure to follow this format for your data may result in a delay in the data being available, incorrect labeling and assignment of data, or may require it to be manually entered in.
Notes on the names file "names.txt":
1. Please include subfolders in the "names.txt" file, as they will be zipped and treated as files (you shouldn't include the .zip part in the file unless you upload them zipped). If you want to pre-zip subfolders, that will make the data transfers and webpage creation go faster, but remember to remove the ".zip" from them in the names file.
2. The item names should be in html format which supports superscript, subscript, and special characters. If you aren't sure how to do this, <--sup--> (without the dashes) goes before the superscript text with <--/sup--> (also without the dashes) going after the superscript text, subscripts are the same, but replace "sup" with "sub". Special characters can be looked up online by typing "html [character name]". You only need to do this formatting if you want a name to be formatted a specific way in the table.

An example table is shown below. "names.txt" is included in the table so you can download it and see how it should be formatted. You will note that "names.txt" is different in each folder since they link to different files in different folders.
Here is the folder structure of how the data is stored so you can understand what you need to submit:
Folder for your doi (made by us, so don't worry)
--Folder 1
----A subfolder
------Thing in subfolder.txt
----A file.txt
--Folder 2
----Another file.txt
--doi.txt (optional)

Note: Folders 1 and 2, as well as the abstract.txt, authors.txt, and title.txt documents should all be what you give to us. Within EACH folder should be a names.txt file
Folder 1
Important folder with many fileszipped folderA
Name I want for the file with subscript superscript or special characterstxtA file.txt
For completeness I include this file but you should not list it heretxtnames.txt
Folder 2
Some clever nametxtAnother file.txt
For completeness I include this file but you should not list it heretxtnames.txt